Finally! Bethesda is going to be seeing snow shortly. So stock up on toilet paper and milk and get ready for the snow fall! is predicting that Bethesda will get 1 inch of snow over night with a low of 31 degrees. And on Saturday there will be up to 3 more inches of snow to come with a high of 35 inches.

Winter Stories

Safe Driving Tips

Stay safe if you decide to go out on the roads during or after the snowfall. Here are a couple commonly overlooked precautions you should take if you do go out.

Check For Cancellations and Closings

Not sure if your child’s school is closed due to snow? You can use this site to search for all kinds of closings and cancellations.

Is Your Home Prepared For Snow?

Check your home before the snow comes. By doing so, you’ll safe yourself a lot of hassle later, and possibly even save your home.

Have Fun In The Snow!

Kids love the snow, and the rest of the family can too. Here is a nice list of things you can all do in this snow storm!

Have fun Bethesda!