New art styles appear every day. A couple of high school students just created one of them. Meg Grey and Calder Day just opened a pop-up museum for two weeks.

The museum is being called the “Museum of¬†Contemporary¬†American Teenagers“. It features over 30 exhibits, created by hundreds of high school students. The exhibits cover topics varying from fashion to social media to gun violence.

The exhibit that Grey and Day created was based on fashion. They painted the walls black in the room and have a projector playing a movie of interviews the two did with fellow students. The interviews covered the students’ fashions and how it impacted their high school lives. There is also chalk in the room, so visitors can describe their fashion in one word.

The museum is inside of an old store front on Wisconsin Ave. It will be open until December 16th. The museum’s hours are 5-9PM Thursday-Sunday and 1-5PM on Sundays. Located at¬†7756 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, the MoCAT is an exhibit unlike any other and one you definitely will not want to miss.