It can be a long, boring wait in one of the underground Metro stations. Well, the WMATA has some good news! There will now be 30 Metro stations that have public Wi-Fi.

There are currently six stations on the DC Metro routes that are equipped with Wi-Fi. They have been a huge success with the public. It has made the daily commute for many, much more enjoyable.

Many don’t know, but there is already supplemental cellular service technology implemented. These Metro Wi-Fi set-ups compliment these and make for quick upload and download speeds.

“All remaining underground stations will have Wi-Fi by mid-2018,” according to a WMATA statement. “Metro’s Wi-Fi amenity supplements existing cellular service, which is already available at all Metro stations. Wireless voice and data service is also available in underground tunnel segments on the Red Line from Glenmont to Silver Spring and on the Orange, Silver and Blue lines from Metro Center to Stadium-Armory.”

Bethesda Metro riders should be happy to know that two of the stations receiving free public Wi-Fi are located within Bethesda! One is at the Bethesda Metro Station itself, and the other is at the Medical Center Metro Station.