Bethesda’s very own, Chelsea Manning announced on Sunday that she will be running for a position on the U.S. Senate. She registered as a Democrat and will be up against two term Senator Ben Cardin.

Quite a Case for Manning

Chelsea Manning is a fairly well-known name around the government and military. Manning is a transgender woman, formerly Bradley Manning. She was a Army private who ended up serving time in prison for leaking classified documents. Manning leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks which led her to receiving 35 years in prison. She spent seven years in military prison before being let out.

We are now one year past Manning’s release and she has since put in requests for a gender change surgery, which is still in processing. But as of Sunday, Manning has now started up a running campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate. She has a long road ahead of herself though.

Manning will be running against Ben Cardin. This will be Cardin’s third term running. He has held the position since 2006 and isn’t looking to give it up. But Manning is going to do all in her power to take it. If Manning is successful, she will be the first transgender senator to hold the position (not the first to run for the position, however).

The leaking of classified United States documents may hold Manning back though. We saw the same issues when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016. When you lose the public’s trust, it’s very difficult to gain it back.

Good luck Manning.