It seems like there is always something with the DC Metro, especially the Red Line. Last week the Red Line had a fire on the tracks, this week it derails with passengers on board. What’s next?

The Derailment

It was around 6:30 AM Monday morning when the train was reported to have derailed. The derailment occurred just outside the Farragut North Station. Officials say that none of the 61 passengers were injured. The train skid 1,200 feet against the wall after the derailment before coming to a stop.

Passengers were guided off the train and escorts down the 2,000 foot tunnel to back to the Metro station after 90 minutes of waiting. Officials turned off the electrified third rail for safety while passengers were moving out of the tunnel.

At 10:15AM, it was announced that Red Line trains were single tracking from Judiciary Square to Farragut North.

It is suspected that the derailment was caused by a break in a 10 foot stretch of rail which abruptly shattered. It seems that after multiple cars passed over, the rail just failed sending the last three cars off the rails.