2018 is not the year for big name businesses. Shutdowns have been seen across the nation. Safeway will be adding to the already huge list. In March, Bethesda will be losing a Safeway location.

Another One Bites the Dust

It was just announced that after 25 year, the Safeway on Old Georgetown Road will be closing down. The official shut down date is March 17th. The store has 59 employees, all of which will be transferred to other Safeways.

The store is shutting down after being open since 1991. It’s said to be due to underperformance. For years, customers have complained and given this location poor reviews. Some speak about how rude managers are. Some about the lack of care employees have.

The closing still came as a surprise for many. A new residential high rise was just built next to the Safeway and is scheduled to open soon. This would have been huge business for the grocery store. A restructuring might have made more sense. But the decision has made, so get your shopping in while they’re still open!