Are you looking for a cat in Bethesda? Are you looking for an animal rescue to give back to?

Alley Cat Allies is a great cat rescue right here in Bethesda, MD.

They have a four-star rating on charity checker with an overall score of 93.98.

They were founded in 1990 and since then have provided a wealth of advocacy for cats that is recognized on the national stage.

Their founder and president, Becky Robinson, maintains a passion for feral cats that has inspired many years of advocacy work. She has written a book called “The Evolution of the Cat Revolution” and is now working on her second book.

Alley Cat Allies has a program called “Trap-Neuter-Return” that addresses community cat populations. TNR is a process where feral cats are humanely trapped, taken to a veterinarian for spay/neuter services, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and then returned to the wild.

This process helps to cut down on excessive cat populations that can become problematic within communities while also helping to save the lives of feral cats.

They’re a great place to find out how you can support the cats in your community or simply foster and adopt.